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What is a promotional code ?

By utilizing the promotional code ‘ EASYUB ‘ you will see your account credited with 111%. Note that this is a gradual release process. The 111% will be credited provided your bonus has been cleared. Keep in mind this promo code is valid for your first time deposit. Promotional codes are typically provided by the poker rooms for marketing purposes, mainly to attract a new player base with smaller bankrolls. From the player’s perspective, a ub promo code is certainly very nice to have. There is literally no drawback in utilizing them, view them as free money.

You Cleared your bonus – now what ?

When you have a roll of a few hundred dollars online, it’s time to fine tune your game. If you don’t bring your A game, you might face large swings and go broke a number of times. Here are some training sites you should join:

And forums you should read for poker strategy

Be Realistic – Online Poker Is Tough

This isn’t meant to be a reality check, but online poker’s difficulty has increased dramatically since the Chris Moneymaker Boom of 1993. Most players these days are highly educated, many partake in some sort of online community to discuss hands and optimal strategies. Some of your opponents will even have personal coaches. Let us point out that these coaches will not be helping them in real time. However, they will review hands with them away from the virtual felt. But anyways, you need to be a solid player to make some money with online holdem. Making a few grand a month at the micro-stakes will definitely be super easy, don’t get us wrong. But the skills of bankroll management, discipline and tilt management will be a challenge. Join cardrunners, post complicated hands, ask for advice, read up poker professional blogs such as the one of Durrrr. These blogs can give you may valuable tips and strategies you could replicate at the poker felt.

Don’t forget to have fun

Poker is hard, that’s a fact. But you should always enjoy what you’re doing. Failure to do so will turn the game into a job. And poker isn’t meant to be a 9 to 5, trust us. To avoid this common pitfall, be sure to never climb in stakes to get “unstuck”. And last but not least, never, ever play on tilt. I personally ripped out many keys of my laptop and learned this the hard way. It’s easy. When you play your best, you’ll have fun. When you have something distracting you, personal issues, tilt, downswing, shut off the computer for a while. You’ll thank us later. Go ahead an use the ub promotional code ‘EASYUB’. A UB promotional code will be start of your poker success.